Letter from Maulana Saad. March 22, 2020


Letter from Maulana Saad. March 22, 2020

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Honourable and Respectable Friends, May Allah grant me and all of us the ability to do what He likes and what pleases Him.

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
We hope from Allah (SWT) the Most High, that you are all well and that you are busy in the effort of Deen. May Allah accept your efforts and revive the effort of the Prophet (SAW) on the pattern of the Prophet (SAW).

Dear friends, through the Quran and the seerat (life) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Allah has provided the Muslim Ummah with guidance for every problem and condition. There is no situation that will come upon the Ummat for which Allah Rabbul Izzat has not provided guidance. Whether the situation is an individual matter or a collective matter, its cause and its solution have both been clearly mentioned to us by Allah Rabbul Izzat.

Whatever condition befalls humanity, it is a result of their own A’maal (actions).

Allah Ta’aala mentions in the Quran (4:30):
In reality, the conditions are a reflection of the a’maal.

Whatever type of a’maal people send up, Allah will make decisions accordingly.

That is why, every amal has a specific effect. For example, withholding zakat. When zakat is withheld, various financial conditions descend. Similarly, when adultery becomes common, then earthquakes and natural disasters become more common.

So, when a person said to Abu Hurairah (RA) that a sinful person is only harming himself, Abu Hurairah (RA) replied: He not only harms himself, but I swear by Allah, that due to the cruelty of the oppressor, the bird withers away and perishes in its nest.
Therefore, Allah Rabbul Izzat Himself states:

Whatever disruption happens on the Earth, it is because of the A’maal of the people (Quran 30:40).

Therefore, the most important thing is to have remorse for our sins and repent (make tauba).

Just like Nuh (AS) said to his nation: “Turn back to your Rabb, and ask Him for forgiveness. He will fix your conditions, and fill your children and gardens with blessings (bakarat). The details of this story can be found in Surah Nuh (Quran 71:10)

At this time, the big sin of the Ummat is that it has neglected its purpose of existence to a great degree. And it has shown laziness in that noble effort of Nubuwat (Prophethood), the effort which brings to life the compulsory, required, and Prophetic practices (faraid, wajibaat, and sunnan).

Therefore, all of us should present ourselves in front of Allah (SWT) with remorse and istighfar (repentance) and make intention that moving forward, we will make the purpose of our life match the purpose of life of the blessed Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In this regard, Hazrat Ji Maulana Yousuf Sahib (RA) used to say: “When you make this intention, then whatever was destined for you to achieve in this life, you will achieve that. And if death comes, then Allah will raise you on the Day of Judgement according to your intention.

That is why, applying your health and wealth to the best of your abilities on this noble effort is the way to truly value the
effort of Khatme Nubuwwat (seal of Prophethood).
While moving in this effort with the correct intention and correct desire, it is our collective responsibility to satisfy every
category and class of society. Therefore, whatever effort you can make within the boundaries and laws of the
authorities of your country, you should do that much. Not a single one of our actions should conflict with the
authorities or any laws of the country. Therefore, keeping these principles in front of you, make mashwera among
yourselves and continue the work.
So, through your steadfastness and perfection in your salat, ask Allah Rabbul Izzat for sincerity and wisdom in the effort
of dawat for yourself and for the entire Ummat. And regularly make dua that Allah Rabbul Izzat restores peace, security,
health and well-being back to the entire humanity.

Banda Muhammad Saad
Banglawali Masjid- Markaz Nizamuddin
26 Rajabul Murajab. March 22, 2020

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