Mashoora Hajrat Jee’s Yusuf Kandhlawi (Rahmatullah alaihi) Takrir about Moshwara

Hajrat Jee’s Maulana Yusuf Kandhlawi(Rahmatullah alaihi) Takrir about Moshwara

Rasulullah (Salallahu alaihi wasallam) has said that, he who makes Istikhara, will never be disgraced, and he who makes Moshwara, will never be unsuccessful. This is why Moshwara is extremely important.

Everyone has to sit close together. When each and everyone sits and ponders and speaks out, then Allah Ta’ala shows the right path. A lot of concern and importance has to be given to not discarding anyone’s opinion, becoming upset, belittling, and laughing on other’s opinions. One’s own opinions should be expressed and other’s opinions should be heard with importance. After the Moshwara, whatever decision is made, Allah Ta’ala will bless with Khair. May Allah Ta’ala give us the Tawfik to make Moshwara and to observe its etiquettes. And, may Allah Ta’ala protect us from firmness, stubbornness and insistence on our own opinions.

Giving opinions is every one’s responsibility. However, we should not be stubborn or insisting about our own opinions. Whatever decision will be made in the Moshwara will have Khair. And Khair comes from Allah Ta’ala.

For this, my respected friends and brothers, make Moshwara with Ihtimam, and pay attention to the etiquettes of Moshwara. There should not be any joking, insisting, or stubbornness. Whatever one’s own opinion is, it should be expressed with Ikhlas. After that whatever decision is made about that opinion, should be accepted from the heart. It must not be said that my opinion was not counted. As I have just mentioned, the decision that will be made through Moshwara will be blessed with Khair from Allah Ta’ala.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has mentioned about Abu Bakr and Omar (Radiallahu anhum) that if you two become firm on one opinion, then I will not deny it. Attempt should be made to give opinions, to take opinions and to encourage others to give their opinions. It is not right to be stubborn or insisting on one’s own opinions. Allah Ta’ala knows best, so try to find faults with your own opinions. Do not be stubborn on your own opinions, so that you confront other’s opinions and push the opinions of others to the back. With due respect for other’s opinions, give your own opinions with Ikhlas, and thank Allah Ta’ala for it. And if your opinion is not accepted, you should still thank Allah Ta’ala. One should think that there could be some hidden faults in my opinion, which I was unaware of; Allah Ta’ala has protected me. For this you should give thanks. In this way, Moshwara should be done. Then Allah Ta’ala will guide us towards the right opinion.